Construction Defects

If your home has defects in the design, workmanship, materials or systems resulting in a structural or building failure that has caused you financial harm, then we can help.

Types of Construction Defects


    How Can We Help?

    Other Types


    Structural Integrity

    If you have cracks or unstable concrete, masonry, carpentry or an unstable foundation, you may have a claim.

    Mechanical Defects

    If you have defective cooling or heating, or other systems, you may have a claim.

    Electrical Defects

    If you have a faulty electrical system or components, you may have a claim.

    Water Intrusion

    If you have water intrusion, often resulting in toxic mold, you may have a claim.

    Thermal & Moisture Protection

    If you have poor moisture or heat insulation, you may have a claim.


    If your finishes such as flooring, bathrooms or finishes are not right, you may have a claim.

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    Construction Deficiencies

    Shoddy workmanship is the cause of many construction defects. Big builds usually use subcontractors who do not always care about the end product, your home. Work is left partially complete or not to the design or code specifications. You should not have to live in a poorly constructed home. Call us for help.

    Material Deficiencies

    If your builder has selected to use cheap or poor quality materials your home is vulnerable to huge problems down the road. If your home is already showing signs of failed materials after only a few years, how are you going to raise your family there? It’s time to call the Law Offices of Christopher Palermo, P.A. to get you the results you deserve.

    Design Deficiencies

    Big home builders promise top quality design before you buy a new home, but many times do not care about the design details. When you find design defects like a failed roof or a structural crack, your builder should be held responsible. Don’t go at it alone. Have recovered monies for client’s when other said it was impossible.

    Subsurface Deficiencies

    Foundation and core drainage issues may not show themselves for several years, but if your home builder has caused a subsurface defect, then it will cost you in the future. Keep your family and your finances secure with the proper legal representation. We get results.

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