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Sinkhole Damage

Has your sinkhole claim been denied without subsurface investigation? We have successfully obtained millions of dollars in compensation for individuals affected by sinkholes, just like you.

Types of Sinkhole Damage


Sinkhole Cracks

If you have interior or exterior wall or floor cracks, you may have a sinkhole claim.


Sinkhole Gaps

If you have gaps between your walls, floors or ceilings, you may have a sinkhole claim.


Sudden Leaks

If your plumbing, ceiling or walls have begun to leak, you may have a sinkhole claim.


Stuck Doors

If your windows or doors have become difficult to close, then you may have a sinkhole claim.


Yard Slopes

If your yard has begun to depress or slope, then you may have a sinkhole claim.


Driveway Cracks

If your driveway has begun to show deep cracks, you may have a claim.


Pool Cracks

If your pool has started to leak or shows cracks, you may have a sinkhole claim.


Sinking Floors

If portions of your floor or yard are sinking, you may have a sinkhole claim.

$50 Million+ Recovered For Our Clients

Has your sinkhole insurance claim been denied?

If your insurance company has denied your sinkhole claim without boring, then contact us immediately. We have recovered millions of dollars in sinkhole cases where others could not. Our legal team works with top industry experts to evaluate your sinkhole claim.

Art of the Sinkhole Claim.

The successful prosecution of a sinkhole claim is as much an art as a science involving geologists and other scientific experts. Our expert sinkhole legal team is dedicated to proving the facts surrounding your sinkhole insurance claim. We have won millions from insurance companies who would otherwise deny or low ball your sinkhole claim.

Sinkhole Damage Is Not Your Fault!

Sinkholes are caused by a complex set of geologic factors and conditions that develop hundreds of millions of years. Although all Florida counties have sinkholes, certain areas of the state are plagued by dangerous sinkholes. They are often not detected until the damage is already caused. If you see any signs of sinkhole damage call us today.

Filing a Sinkhole Lawsuit.

Sinkhole lawsuits require gathering of the geologic and circumstantial evidence that prove your sinkhole damage claim. Our sinkhole legal team understands how to navigate previously denied sinkhole insurance claims, filing sinkhole lawsuits and litigation sinkhole claims. Insurance companies know that the Law Offices of Christopher Palermo, P.A. is experienced in the courtroom. Let us fight for you. Time may be running out, call us now.

Experience You Can Trust.

At the Law Offices of Christopher Palermo, P.A., our attorneys are experienced in a diverse range of practice areas. Our collective experience, spanning decades, has allowed us to excel in the legal industry on behalf of our clients. To learn more about how the Law Offices of Christopher Palermo, P.A. can help you. We offer free case consultations to see if you may be entitled to financial compensation due to your personal injury or workplace accident. More importantly, we work on contingency. Meaning there are no up front fees and we are only paid if we are successful in getting you compensated.